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Reàl cocktails in action

Real Ingredients. Real People.

Real cocktails in action

Real Ingredients.

Real People.

Spirit of Tiki

The Spirit of Tiki, London-Style

A tiki party in the middle of a London park? That seems to be just what the doctor ordered


Belvedere + Reàl = One Heck of a Party

A great party made better with only the finest cocktails from Belvedere and Reàl


Reàl Does NOLA at Cane & Table

A little drizzle couldn’t stop the fun at Cane & Table in New Orleans, Louisiana


Redemption Rye Whiskey + Reàl

A perfect rooftop celebration made even better with a Redemption Rye Whiskey + Reàl combo


Reàl + The Rusty Nail

Reàl brings the party to the bayou at The Rusty Nail in New Orleans, Louisiana


The Heart of Tiki in Dubai

Daniele Dalla Polo and Reàl bring the Heart of the Tiki Cocktail to the desert in Dubai, UAE

Reàl Dublin

Reàl Comes to Dublin

Reàl brings the flavor of the tropics to Ireland and wows a few bartenders in the process

Georgi Radav Tiki

Georgi Radav + Tiki Cocktails

Presenting a night of drinks, dancing and fun with the world-renowned tiki expert, Georgi Radav

Perfect Tiki Mug

Georgi Radav + The Perfect Tiki Mug

Georgi Radav shows off the perfect tiki mug, and why Reàl makes the ideal ingredients to put into it

DDP Tiki Tour

DDP’s Italian Tiki Tour

Daniele Dalla Polo and Reàl take a Tiki cocktail tour through the heart of Italy


Oriol Elias + Reàl Cocktail Ingredients

Mixologist Oriol Elias bring the heat in this quick cocktail highlight video using Reàl

Simone Caporale

Simone Caporale + L’ Antiquario

Renowned mixologist Simone Caporale mixes up cocktails at L’Antiquario in Napoli, Italy


The Painkiller by DDP

Daniele Dalla Pola shows us how to make one of his favorite drinks, The Painkiller

Sexy Colada

DDP’s Famous Sexy Colada

Daniele Dalla Pola making one of his signature cocktails, “The Sexy Colada”

Lost and Found

DDP + The Lost and Found

A night out of epic proportions with Daniele Dalla Pola at the Lost + Found Drinkery in Cyprus

al Pepper

DDP Mixes at al Pepper

Daniele Dalla Pola gives a master class in mixology at al Pepper in Riccione, Italy

Congreso del Ron

DDP at Congreso del Ron

Watch Daniele Dalla Polo do what he does best at Congreso del Ron in Madrid, Spain

Simone on Agave

Simone Caporale on Agave Reàl

Simone Caporale of The Artesian in London shares why he loves using Agave Reàl

L+F Ian

Lost + Found Present Ian Burrell

Ian Burrell brings his talents to Cyprus for a night of drinks, dancing and a whole lot of fun

Perfect Pina Colada

Ian Burrell + the Perfect Piña Colada

Though a relatively simple cocktail, Ian Burrell shows us how to make the perfect Piña Colada

Cocktails Machine

A Magic Cocktail Machine

Daniele Dalla Pola highlights the new Cocktails Machine, which makes drinks with the push of a button

Athens Bar Show

DDP at the Athens Bar Show

Daniele Dalla Pola shows why sometimes simpler is better at the Athens Bar Show

Ian Burrell

Ian Burrell at Alimentaria

Ian Burrell shows how to make a Mai Tai, but with his own personal twist on this classic