Creating the Reàl World of Flavor

These high-end puree infused flavors have allowed mixologists and chefs alike to quickly and efficiently bring real fruit flavors to their cocktails, dishes and desserts.
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Our syrups are the only puree infused syrups on the market and can be used as a core ingredient in culinary recipes, cocktail creations, beverage additions and elevated toppings.


We source fruit from the finest growing regions and work tirelessly to ensure each and every flavor is packed with the highest quality fruit available.


With our stylish and easy-to-use packaging, consumers and professionals can identify the Reàl product line both on shelves and in use for increased brand recognition.


Our line of syrups was designed with the professional industry in mind, so every user is getting the most elevated product with each squeeze.

It all started with Coco Reàl Cream of Coconut

After Coco Reàl was so well received across the world in 2006, it became clear that there was a need for something more.

Reàl resonated with an audience that had been underserved for too long. Mixologists, chefs and gourmands from around the world desired high-end, shelf-stable, fruitcentric syrups.

And thus, in 2014, Reàl’s full line of Premium Puree Infused Syrups were born.

The future of the Reàl World of Flavor

With a broad collection of puree infused syrups that are incredibly versatile, the possibilities are endless.

Reàl can be utilized across all culinary arts and mixology efforts. Whether you’re drizzling Pumpkin Reàl on a fresh batch of baked goods or adding an ounce of Guava Reàl to your favorite cocktail, these products make exotic and hard-to-come-by flavors easily accessible to all.

We want to empower home cooks, mixologists and chefs alike to push their creations to the next level with high quality ingredients at their side.

Discover new ways to use our puree infused syrups


Shake up something new

From Mai Tais to Mint Juleps, explore our library of easy and impressive cocktails.


create with the best ingredients

Get adventurous on entrees, desserts and appetizers by using a puree infused syrup as a key ingredient.


enhance any beverage

Incorporate something fresh into your typical smoothies, teas or drinks.


add the perfect final touch

Simply squeeze to incorporate an exotic flavor into your meal or drink.