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Meet the Masters
Coconut, dropper, and strainer for making great cocktails.

Infusing the mixology movement

See how some of the world’s most prominent mixologists are using Reàl products to revolutionize the cocktail creation process.

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Quality Cocktails

Whether you want a simple Pina Colada or the most out of this world Mai Tai, we’ve curated hundreds of recipes so making professional, great cocktails are just a few steps away.

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Learn how to make great cocktails with tall glasses, mint, and lemon.
Great cocktails are made with squeeze bottles filled with strawberry, coconut, and peach puree.

Simply Squeeze

Made with up to 40% pure fruit and all-natural cane sugar. Squeezable, pourable and shelf-stable. The perfect solution for mixologists everywhere.

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Quality crafted with a movement in mind

Reàl Cocktail Ingredients is pushing the boundaries of the mixology movement with a premium product line unlike any other.

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Stirring great cocktails animation.
Bartender making great cocktails.
Bartender making great cocktails by roasting an orange.