• Black Cherry Reàl
    Infused with premium Chilean Black Cherries
  • Blueberry Reàl
    Infused with premium Goldtraube Blueberries from the Pacific Northwest
  • Peach Reàl
    Infused with Elegant, Summer & Rich Lady Peaches
  • Mango Reàl
    Infused with Alfonso Mangoes from India
  • Raspberry Reàl
    Infused with Willamette and Glen Clova Raspberries from the Pacific Northwest
  • Coco Reàl
    Contains real coconut meat from hand-picked tropical Coconuts
  • Piña Reàl
    Infused with premium pineapples from Costa Rica
  • Kiwi Reàl
    Infused with premium kiwi from New Zealand
  • Strawberry Reàl
    Infused with handpicked Camorosa, Ventana and Albion Strawberries from California
  • Pumpkin Reàl
    Infused with premium pureed Pumpkin and hints of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and clove
  • Agave Reàl
    100% organic blue Agave Nectar from the Jalisco region of Mexico
  • Ginger Reàl
    Infused with premium Laiwu Ginger puree
  • Passion Fruit Reàl
    Infused with premium Purple Passion Fruit from Vietnam


  • Premium syrups infused with fruit from the world’s premier growing regions
  • 100% cane sugar
  • Gentle processing leads to high flavor impact with no cooked notes
  • Highly concentrated fruit levels drive flavor intensity


  • Mixology Minded
    • Perfect for bellinis, Italian sodas, beer cocktails, alcohol-free drinks and frozen or shaken daiquiris and coladas
    • Dissolves easily in a large variety of beverage applications
    • Ideally suited for craft cocktails
    • Bartender-friendly packaging
  • Excellent in culinary applications such as baking and desserts
  • Perfect for experimenting with molecular gastronomy concepts like fruit foam or caviar


  • Reàl Cocktail Ingredients offer a wide-mouth squeeze bottle with an exclusive, customized dispensing closure
  • Top end bars and mixologists have embraced the ease and convenience of squeeze bottles in recent years
  • The wide-mouth bottle opening helps to eliminate waste by allowing easy access with a bar spoon or spatula
  • The volcano-shaped spout on every closure dispenses product drip free with no mess