Quality Purees Crafted with a Movement in Mind

Reàl Cocktail Ingredients began in 2006 with a singular focus; to create the first cream of coconut product that wasn’t packaged in a can. But after sharing Coco Reàl with mixologists all over the world, we uncovered a need for a new line of puree products that would allow these cocktail artists to meet the demands of mixology minded consumers everywhere and continue to push the boundaries of cocktail creation to new heights.

So in 2014, Reàl’s full line of Infused Syrups was born. Inspired by the mixologists that have dedicated their lives to raising the bar on quality cocktails, we set out to create a full line of puree infused syrups that highlight the most authentic, real and pure flavors on earth.

Because we know that a drink is only as good as its ingredients, we hold everything that goes into our Reàl products to a standard of freshness and quality that is unmatched within the industry. Every product contains up to 40% pure fruit puree blended with all-natural cane sugar to create a product that is ideal for blending and mixing cocktails of all varieties. Our dedication to creating authentic flavors truly knows no bounds or borders.

The only way to truly understand how Reàl is revolutionizing cocktails for mixologists and consumers alike is to experience it for yourself. So go enjoy a drink made with Reàl, it’ll change the way you think about cocktails. Cheers!

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